As one of our main activities is freight transportation by road, we pay very close attention on our own vehicle fleet, which consists of:

  1. 100 brand-new Volvo FH trucks:
    • all trucks meet the Euro 6 emissions standards, thus, they ensure more efficient work and contribute to environmental protection;
    • truck fleet is renewed every 3 years, so the average age of the current vehicles is year;
    • all trucks are equipped with modern positioning system that allows the managers to continually manage and control the routes, and the customers – to monitor the position of their loads at any time;
    • all trucks are equipped with transport information system that helps the qualified instructors to make the most economical use of possibilities of the most modern trucks and increase the performance of the company.
  2. 100 new tautliners:
    • technical characteristic: height - 270 cm width - 248 cm, length - 1362 cm;
    • features: multilock outside frame, EN 12 642 XL certificate, payload up to 25 t (up to 34 pallets);
    • all semi-trailers are equipped with tool sets for freight securing: belts, corners, transverse boards, anti-slip mats, and drivers’ personal protective equipment (helmets etc.).

What is more, all vehicles of our company meet the highest security requirements: both the trucks and the semi-trailers are equipped with professional video surveillance and recording system and high quality alarm system that ensures the highest quality of the services we provide.