We offer new innovative security systems to your vehicles to help in solving the most important problems of your fleet, for example, fuel and cargo thefts, accident prevention and detection of circumstances, etc. Professional video surveillance and recording, as well as various alarm systems will help you to reduce costs for covering different damages, and will allow to work in a more efficient manner.


Our proposed systems:

  • Vehicle video surveillance and recording system;
  • Vehicle alarm system.

Vehicle video surveillance and recording system

Possible equipment of video surveillance and recording system:

  • Side view camera (monitoring coverage 130°) - 2 pcs.;
  • Front view camera;
  • Rear view camera;
  • Trailer interior camera;
  • Digital video recorder;
  • Internal monitor (7');
  • GPS antenna;
  • Hard disk 2 TB;
  • Video cables (set).

Features of video surveillance and recording system:

  • Cameras are fixed on the sides of a truck rather than on the side mirrors, therefore, the viewing zones do not disappear upon opening the door;
  • Up to 8 channels (maximum 8 cameras can be connected);
  • Possible Full HD (1080p) resolution, which is perfect for capturing the plate numbers;
  • Real-time monitoring and download of records with 3G technology;
  • Memory: hard disk up to 2 TB (2-month video archive) or SD card up to 256 GB;
  • User application that allows visual monitoring not only on computer, but also on other mobile devices;
  • External cameras resistant to water, cold (there is a heating element inside the camera), there is a night vision function;
  • Anti-vibration housing of recorder, which is protected by a lockable metal lid;
  • GPS tracking, using Google maps.

Advantages of using the video surveillance and recording system:

  • Suitable for any type of the vehicles;
  • Effective fleet control;
  • Prevention of insurance events;
  • Reduction of payments for civil liability, CASCO, CMR insurance;
  • Surveillance of accident circumstances (records can be used as evidence for insurance companies);
  • Theft prevention and clarification.

Vehicle alarm system

Possible equipment of alarm system:

  • Trailer door opening sensor;
  • Fuel tank opening sensor – 2 pcs.;
  • Alarm control unit;
  • Speaker / audible alarm (buzzer);
  • Siren;
  • Security activation button;
  • Telemetric system block;
  • Outputs to the telemetric system.

Features of alarm system:

  • Telemetric software application always shows the openings of tanks and trailer door, intervention times and system failures;
  • Upon opening the fuel tank, the manager receives the e-mail about possible security breech;
  • Siren can be turned off and the system can be rebooted in remote way.

Advantages of using the alarm system:

  • Protection against unauthorized access to the fuel tank;
  • Constant monitoring of the tank opening;
  • Prevention against the system cheating by using magnets;
  • Prevention against the system fault due to the damage of power cord;
  • Prevention against the system fault by shorting the sensors.


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