UAB “Amber Cargo” (Ltd.) is an official representative of the company Col – Ven S.A., manufacturing VIESA self-contained air cooling systems for all types of trucks, tractors, buses, campers and agricultural machines, in the Baltic States and Russia.

We offer a new generation VIESA self-contained air cooling system, which operates without the engine of the vehicle. Thus, you do not need to use fuel, oils, and other additional resources, and your vehicle’s engine life is extended.

VIESA air cooling system operates with 12 or 24 V battery rather than with engine as usual factory installed conditioners. Batteries of the air cooling system is extremely economical, they can operate for a long period of time without fear that the battery is discharged as there is a system of protection against battery discharge (upon reaching a critical threshold, it automatically turns off). The system uses not more than 4-8 amps per hour and operates with one 12 or 24 V battery for up to 10 hours, when the engine is off.

Air cooling system is filled with water. VIESA consists of the several main parts: the water pump, the main evaporator and the water tank. The principle of operation of the system – reduction of thermal energy by evaporation of water. Water, evaporated intensively in evaporator, cools it. Hot and dry air, entering the evaporator from the outside, is cooled down there, and its humidity increases. The cooled, purified and humidified air is supplied to the inside of the vehicle, thus creating the comfortable driving and rest conditions. Even at high outside temperatures, VIESA maintains the optimum temperature for work and rest. Essential differences of the air cooling system make VIESA the market leader in Europe.  

For more information and installation services, please contact:
Tel.:+370 641 66626
Address: Minsko pl. 3, Vilnius

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