Self-contained air cooling system for trucks!

Exclusive features:

  • The system features an original external aerodynamic design;
  • Low height of upper part of the conditioner – only 17 cm above the cab;
  • UV-resistant housing;
  • The highest quality components;
  • Built-in security systems, which guarantee the safety and good functionality;
  • Compliance with international quality standards and certificates of the European Union.



  • Running, when the engine is off, therefore, engine’s lifetime is prolonged;
  • Easy installation;
  • Suitable for ceiling of various dimensions and deflection angle;
  • Double protection of temperature and pressure;
  • Standard connection nozzles for gas filling and gas pressure control;
  • Protective filter of compressor and capillary tube in the gas circuit;
  • Economy – no engine idling, fuel is saved;
  • Easy filter cleaning.

Characteristics of VIESA Kompressor IIs
Conditioner unit dimensions (height-width-length) 16,9x81,5x75 cm
Digital LCD panel with control and symbols of each function
Remote control
Aerodynamic external design
Battery voltage level display
Turbo fan, installed on bearings
Automatic air cooling system shutdown (at approximately 22.5 V) in case of too low battery charge (adjustable)
Average power consumption with 24 V battery at the maximum load: 8-19 A /h., subject to inside and outside temperature and relative humidity. At a temperature of 30 °C, the average power consumption 12 А/h.
Air distribution valves for driver and passenger
Housing is made of carbon fiber, UV-resistant
Panel suitable for all types of cabs
Equipment, in compliance with EMC standards
3-speed turbo fan
Capacity of refrigerant tank 660 g
Weight 25 kg
Power 1000 W
Refrigerant Gas R 134a
Normal operating pressure – high pressure circuit: 0.8 - 1.75 МPa; low pressure circuit: 0.14 - 0.42 MPa
Protection against voltage overloads
Protection against short-circuit
Additional main power cable fuse
Protection against reverse polarity (+/-)









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