Self-contained air cooling system for the agricultural and other equipments!

Exclusive features:

  • The system features an original external aerodynamic design;
  • Air conditioner can work in extremely difficult conditions and aggressive environments;
  • Unique water duct system does not allow excess water to enter the enclosure;
  • Control panel with LED backlight;
  • The highest quality components;
  • Built-in security systems, which guarantee the safety and good functionality;
  • Compliance with international quality standards and certificates of the European Union.


  • Freon is not used for operation;
  • Running, when the engine is switched off;
  • Silent operation of electric pump;
  • 8-speed turbine – fan;
  • Reliability;
  • Economy;
  • Functionality;
  • 32-liter water tank.


Characteristics of VIESA X-treme
Remote control
Aerodynamic design
UV-resistant housing
Equipment, in compliance with EMC standards
Air distribution – valve for driver and valve for passenger
8-speed turbo fan
32-liter water tank with water pump
Water tank installation system, protecting the vehicle cab from damage
Water level sensor
Automatic turn off of water pump in case of lack of water
Protection of water pump against short-circuit
Protection against voltage overloads
The main power cable fuse
Protection against reverse polarity









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